Senior iOS Engineer



Software Engineering
Brooklyn, NY, USA
Posted on Saturday, June 29, 2024

About Whop

Whop is on a mission to create a new paradigm of the internet – where connection, consumption, creation and commerce can happen all in one place. People come to Whop every month, from nearly every country, to learn new things, meet new people, and elevate their daily lives.

Less than 3 years into our existence, we have enabled tens of thousands of creators to earn over $350M by selling access to increasingly diverse digital offerings. Our apps infrastructure allows anyone to build a digital experience, and our marketplace offers creators a sleek storefront that can accept payments, seamlessly deliver digital products, and attract new customers.

We envision a future in which everyone is an internet entrepreneur. Join us in making that future a reality.

Quick benefits overview

✅ Target base salary of $130,000 - $230,000 depending on experience + a competitive equity package. We pay competitive with google and meta.
❤️ Unlimited PTO, Health, Vision, and Dental coverage
📍 Brooklyn, New York | Check out our office here
🥙 Daily $20 lunch, $25 dinner Uber Eats credits
💪 State of the art gym access @ Equinox
💻 Latest 14 or 16 inch Macbook Pro

About the role

This role is a Staff iOS Engineer who will report to the VP of Engineering and will create our first native iOS app and own the experience end to end. This team will grow over time with your guidance.

From Carlos Whitt | LinkedIn our VP of Engineering: "We are growing like crazy and want engineers that are excited about an early stage company, hyper focused team, scaling challenges, proven growth, incredible culture, and being part of something special."

What does the role look like?

75% of our consumers are mobile, and we don’t have a native iOS app and have spent very little time on our React Native app. You will work directly with our design and product teams to deeply understand what is being built from the beginning of the design phase to production. You are expected to be highly opinionated and passionate about all aspects of user experience and product. And as a Staff iOS Engineer, you need to be highly capable of communicating with other engineers to complete your initiatives with quality and urgency. You are expected to spec and ticket projects from what needs to be designed all the way through development.

As a Staff iOS Engineer, you must be able to own a large area of our product and keep relevant stakeholders informed through frequent updates and check-ins. You should be capable of owning an 8 week roadmap for your domain, preparing tickets for sprints, reporting KPIs during bi-weekly meetings, and interviewing candidates as we scale the engineering team. That said, the most important part of this role is programming and bringing concepts to life, with both speed and quality.


  • Created several Swift apps from scratch
  • Individually impacted core product of a highly used application
  • Deep knowledge with SwiftUI, Swift Concurrency, and/or the Xcode toolchain
  • Strong understanding of mobile design patterns and best practices, including MVVM and modular architecture
  • Experience with Xcode testing frameworks
  • Experience with Xcode profiling (memory and performance)
  • Experience interacting with multiple APIs (REST and GraphQL)
  • Experience with iOS CI/CD

Nice to haves

  • Experience with NextJS
  • Experience with Ruby / Rails
  • Experience working 1-1 with designers

Who you are

The company is growing 5x+ YoY and you’re someone who can move with urgency, take initiative, and do whatever it takes to win.

  • You understand the difference between an excellent product and a mediocre product.
  • You are ruthless, don’t let anyone stand in your way, and are highly opinionated.
  • You can admit when you are wrong and will throw your full support behind more sound logic.
  • You are someone who loves programming.
  • You see elegant solutions to everyday problems in the lines of code you write and love to build things from 0-1.
  • You have a sharp eye for detail and are straightforward with your feedback towards others.
  • You don’t leave a room until all loose ends are tied up and everyone is clear on next steps.
  • You’re someone who wants to join a startup that is passionate about helping entrepreneurs grow and thrive.

Find out more about us here <- this is Whop's whop you'll find more links about us as well as have a chance to play around with the platform.