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Accounting & Finance, Operations
Posted on Friday, January 26, 2024

Our company

Moxie enables nurses to become entrepreneurs, and grow successful, independent businesses. MedSpas are booming, regulated practices that provide aesthetics services like botox, fillers, and more.

Today, 80% of them in the US are individually owned and operated and we want to keep it that way. We provide our entrepreneurs the tools and expertise to operate with the scale of a large chain while remaining independent.

We are a well-funded Series A startup with many happy customers and are growing to help make more entrepreneurs. That’s where you come in.

The Role

We unlock the entrepreneurial opportunity in aesthetics for those with the moxie to take the leap. We have a proven, high-growth business, and we’re looking for a Finance & Business Operations Lead to who can take over Finance from our CEO, and then uplevel how we operate in partnership.

This is a great opportunity if you already know how Finance drives and enables company strategy, yet are looking for the company you can make your mark with. We expect you to play a strategic role by driving excellent financial operations and measurement of all key initiatives. You’ll use a financial lens to improve the business as a whole, including helping the leadership team prioritize the right initiatives, and ensuring they’re successful.

You will own our financial model and plan, using it to help members of the leadership team understand what’s working and where we need to improve. This will include:

  • model the impact of key business initiatives,

  • reporting on key business metrics (e.g. net revenue retention),

  • track and report actual-vs-plan for each.

You’ll also support our CEO with investor material and board deck preparation.

You’ll own the operational aspects of our finance, partnering with our external bookkeeper/accountant to ensure our books are closed on time. We have a significant purchasing program with key pharmaceutical programs that you’ll manage to ensure we’re collecting from our customers on time and in full.

Finally, you’ll partner with members of our leadership team to develop financial product features, such as determining how to support new MedSpa owners with their financing needs (for example, via a potential merchant cash advance program).
Note: Today, Moxie very intentionally only has 3 role levels, hence this role's formal title will be Finance & BizOps Lead.

Our objectives for the role

When we look back at 2024, the following will all be good indicators of your success:

Planning: Sharpened our plans because you model and assess their financial impact

  • Provided financial assessments for at least three potential initiatives within 6 months

  • Kept us on track with monthly variance-to-model reports

  • Ran special analytical projects: given a business problem, figured out how to frame it, gathered the data and then answered it.

Measuring: Helped us operate better by driving excellent reporting

  • Support the leadership team in instrumenting key initiatives with strong reporting on the company’s top priorities

  • Drove the business with up-to-date insights that changed decisions

  • Successfully modeled business P&L dynamics with ability to forecast 3-9 months out to enable continued analysis of net and gross revenue retention

  • Introduced one additional insightful metric to monthly reporting within 3 months

Building effective operations: Ran smooth and optimized finance operations and cash management

  • Built healthy and productive relationship with our external bookkeeper/accountant

  • Streamlined the book closing and tax filing processes, incl. for Professional Corporations we partner with

    • 100% accuracy rate in tax filings, and monthly book closings within 5 business days

  • Collected bills and accounts receivables, in partnership with our operations team

    • DSO (Days Sales Outstanding) below 30 days and a 10% reduction in overdue payments

  • Paid bills efficiently (incl. to pharma partners and offshore team), managed our spend and card policies (all via Ramp)

  • Optimized costs and took savings opportunities, showing a 5% reduction in ongoing monthly expenses.

  • Automated at least 3h/week off your plate.

Built and optimized key finance programs

  • We run a best-in-class group buying program with aesthetics pharma suppliers

    • Defined and implemented 30-day terms agreements that manage Moxie’s financial exposure

    • We have anytime accurate reconciliation between orders and bills

  • Developed and optimized the Merchant Cash Advancement program.

What we’re looking for

  • 7+ years experience in accounting & finance, ideally incl. a startup

    • 2+ years owning FP&A

    • Strong accounting literacy, possibly even CPA

    • Exceptional attention to detail

  • Strong generalist business problem-solver: Finance can solve a lot of problems at Moxie, and succeeding in this role will require solving new problems.

  • Effective collaborator: the role touches nearly every department, and your success is cross-functional.

  • Able to operate independently: this will be a team of one in 2024.

Why join us

  • Above all, we’re in this to empower small business owners to own and grow their businesses. If you succeed, Med Spas will remain the opportunity for independent owner-operators instead of being dominated by a small number of large chains. If that speaks to you, speak to us.

  • We have much left to build. But given the market feedback we’re getting and our founding team’s company-building experience, we think we are writing the first chapters of a real success story.

  • Experience taking over from our CEO as the first finance leader, just as we scale up. A role like this molds to its owner, but inevitably stretches and grows you as well.

  • Competitive salary and stock, and generous health/dental/vision coverage

We’re excited to hear from you!