Senior Software Engineer (Frontend)

Software Engineering
Posted on Thursday, February 2, 2023


Our company is working closely with our customers / design partners in the CV and NLP space to build a testing platform that will allow teams to manage their test cases and understand results. We're looking for someone who can work closely with our solution engineers and design partners to grok their ML testing pains, and to build out a web interface so that customers can intuitively manage their data, build test cases, orchestrate test runs, analyze results, and build reports.

On the non-technical side, we're looking for someone driven and excited, but also not afraid to have some fun and bring their own personality to the company. We plan on working on this for the long haul, so our goal is to build an authentic culture that includes your passions and personality. We want you to be proud to be part of Kolena.

You'll have the opportunity to work with a talented founding team, with experience building product and leading development at Amazon, Palantir, Twilio, and Rakuten. We've also built a previous startup (Synapse Technology Corporation) to a successful exit. Moreover, as one of our initial engineers, you will have the agency to influence our software development process — ranging from the technology, to the architecture, to the meta-processes of how engineers work.


As a small startup, we think the most valuable initial engineers are generalists who are excited to learn on the job. As such, we aren't looking for the unicorn candidate who checks every box on this list, but rather someone who grasps many of these concepts well.

  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics, Engineering, Statistics, or other quantitative discipline.
  • 4+ years of relevant experience working in software development and systems design
A compelling subset of the following characteristics:
  • Proficiency with React / Redux / Typescript / NextJS
  • Proficiency with CSS
  • Bias toward writing well documented and well tested code
  • Passion toward building clean and intuitive UX
  • Experience with working independently to develop software with minimal hand holding
  • Familiarity with Python CV / NLP / ML libraries
  • Experience with Cloud platform architectures (AWS, Azure, GCP) and knowledge of Kubernetes