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Hawthorne Effect

Hawthorne Effect

Pennsylvania, USA
Posted on Friday, September 15, 2023

Exciting new opportunity to join the Hawthorne Effect Cardiologist Network!

Remote, United States and Puerto Rico

About Hawthorne Effect

Hawthorne Effect makes clinical trials accessible and convenient for everyone. Hawthorne Effect’s solution marries technology and design with a distributed workforce to deliver clinical trials to patients anytime, anywhere. Hawthorne Heroes are multi-specialty professionals such as Physicians, RNs, NPs, adult and pediatric sonographers, phlebotomists and more, who are carefully vetted, credentialed, certified, and onboarded in order to conduct our in-home follow-up visits.

About the Hero Cardiologist Network

We are currently expanding the Hawthorne Effect offerings to include supporting patient surveillance under the FDA “REMS” (Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy) program. This program is designed to ensure that the benefits of certain medications outweigh the risks by requiring increased safety monitoring while preserving patient access to necessary therapies. Hawthorne Effect adult and pediatric sonographers will be providing in-home echos for interested patients/caregivers and transferring images to be read remotely by a member of the Hawthorne Effect Cardiologist Network, a new network within our organization. The resulting echo report will be provided to the patient's prescribing physician to inform continued treatment decisions and to complete necessary FDA forms required by the REMS Program.

About this Role:

For the UCB FINTEPLA REMS Program, this role will be responsible for:

  1. Providing clinical interpretation of echocardiograms for patients enrolled in the Program and completing the report template within the HE designated platform.The completed report will be provided by HE to the patients' prescribing physician in accordance with Program requirements.
  2. Reports should be completed within 48 hours of availability of echocardiogram images and preliminary report in HE designated platform.
  3. There may be instances of the need for a priority report. Priority report is defined as a report due within 24 hours of invitation acceptance by Contractor.
  4. On an as-needed basis, providing clinical consults at request of prescribing physician regarding a specific patient’s echocardiogram report previously completed by Contractor.
  5. Contractor will be required to provide windows of availability between 8AM-5PM M-F as well as a contact phone number (provided to Contractor by HE) to facilitate communication from prescribing physician to Consultant.
  6. Misc. Responsibilities as needed:
  7. Complete HE-provided and required training specific to the Program. Training must be completed in order to receive invitations.

Project Requirements:

  • Board certified and licensed adult and/or pediatric cardiologist in the US and/or Puerto Rico.
  • Strong skills in the use of technology, tools, operating systems, and software and is comfortable using these daily.
  • Access to an adequate computer/device with high-speed internet and capability required to provide clinical interpretation of echocardiograms and completing the report template within the HE designated online platform.
  • A creative and resourceful problem-solver with strong critical thinking skills.
  • An expert at planning ahead, anticipating challenges and opportunities, and proactively taking steps to either avoid issues or operationalize new ideas.


No travel is required for this role.


This is a 6-month Supplemental Services agreement, cancellable at any time by either Party with ten days notice.